Guiding Principles

These are the 10 values that guide our behaviours internally and externally:

  1. Guru-Inspired – Ensure processes, frameworks and documents are aligned with Gurmat principles

  2. Proactively Inclusive – Reflect the diversity of 30 million Sikhs around the world including diversity of gender, geography and ideology

  3. Consensus-Building – Work to foster Panthic unity by consensus decision making rather than majority rule

  4. Collaborative – Allow engaged Sikhs to participate in the process at an organizational and individual level

  5. Transparent - Rebuild trust in the community by engaging in honest and open communication

  6. Open-Minded – Explore and integrate governance best practices from other global communities

  7. Long-term – Develop capacity and processes to address long-term challenges and opportunities

  8. Provocative – Challenge the status quo and established paradigms

  9. Systems Focused – Focus on criteria and processes not personalities

  10. Reclaim & Reinterpret - Ensure Sikh concepts and terminology are relevant to our contemporary realities


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