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  • commented on Sovereignty 2016-10-25 06:39:04 -0700
    I find that SGPC and AKAL TAKHAT has been dominated by corrupt political bosses of the day. Religion has been dominated by politics at all levels. Moreover SGPC after 1947 and more recently after truncation of Punjab into a small Subi, has lost its representative character among Sikhs globally. There is therefore need for a more broader body to incorporate Sikhs representatives from each country abroad besides each Indian State inhibiting Sikhs. Thus shall control all Sikh institutions everywhere. Moreover, the system of election has served to divide Sikhs rather than unite them. The use of power and money has further eroded the sanctity of this august body.

    Your singular attention was to attack the efficacy of Satnam Khalsa, which is true to some extent. But when there is no hope visible, Sangat took recourse to SK in the hope it may strengthen Sikhs rather than becoming counter productive thanks to political dominance in religious affairs of Sikhs. Kindly give a deep thought to my humble submissions.

    To my mind the AKAL TAKHAT can be freed only if SGPC is made a globally representative body of Sikhs. The members in SGPC shall not be member of any political party, regional or national. AKAL TAKHAT was, is and shall remain a free concept, we need to make it an independent body outside the control of SGPC by culling out its Ministers out of Puran Gursikhs, through selection process.

    We need to unitedly stay strong and forge ahead.

    Tejinder Singh