Is this even possible?

  1. How long this may take is unknown to all but the Guru. Whether it is possible or not, however, is not open to debate. A united Sikh Qaum has been capable of amazing feats. Within two generations of the massive genocide that followed Baba Banda Singh ‘Bahadur’'s free Sikh state, the Sikh Qaum had freed all of Punjab, and that was after suffering through two Ghallughara and a level of oppression and persecution we have never known, before or after.

  2. This is possible, but only with the Guru leading us. We need to look to Guru Granth Sahib ji as the source of our inspiration and strength. We need to go back to Sikh history and see how our Guru Sahibs developed systems of governance that were well thought out with checks and balances and which allowed for both a strong central authority but also grassroots decision making.     

At the same time, faith is not enough. We need skills, knowledge and specialization. We need to work with people who understand governance and can use all of their skills to develop Phase 1, put Phase 2 into place and make Phase 3 a reality. Given the resources our community currently has, the intelligence and calibre of Sikhs around the world, the advent of technologies that allow for global collaboration and organization, and the sheer political will of the Sikh community, this is truly the best time in history to make this happen. This is the first time in the post-Guru era that we have tried as a Qaum to build a global governance structure that is egalitarian, democratic and sovereign. It will not be easy, but with Guru's grace, nothing is impossible. We need to have the fearless spirit and faith and love in Guru Sahib that allowed Mata Bhag Kaur to lead forty soldiers into battle against a huge Mughal army. The spirit that inspired Bhai Bachhitar Singh to fight a raging elephant head on. Let us pray to Guru Hargobind Sahib ji to bless us and give us the ability to work fearlessly, tirelessly and with full faith in Guru Sahib.


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