How are we going to engage 30 million Sikhs globally?


The Free Akal Takht team is committed to bringing together and engaging with all segments of the Sikh Qaum. We will do this by:

  1. Holding meetings, which are currently taking place and will continue to do so around the world. Sevadars of the Free Akal Takht Movement have been traveling the globe, engaging with local Sikh communities, groups and organizations. These meetings will continue, but in addition, online tools are being developed to allow for collaboration across the whole community.

  2. Engaging with all Sikhs. We seek to access all spaces where Sikhs are discussing these issues, irrespective of geography, language and affiliation. Using Guru Nanak Sahib as an inspiration, we seek to unite, not divide. If you are one of 30 million Sikhs as per the Sikh Rehit Maryada's definition, you will have a say in this process. Your voice will be heard. We will do this together. This movement belongs to us all.

  3. Creating regional advisors who will be established as point-persons for individuals to contact if they would like to be involved and to provide their thoughts on the process as it unfolds. This will be occurring in the very near future.

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