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  • commented on Sovereignty 2016-02-27 15:06:22 -0800
    Thanks for organizing those workshops to get the conversation going at least. Some comments have been regarding why only a handful of people are there at events. It’s been proven over & over that small class sizes are way more effective than large ones when it comes to learning or deliberating. Those town halls are not a place to discuss and provide your input but rather get more information about it. Once attendees have the information they can provide their input online. Some comments have been regarding which bani or maryada the organizers support. These issues have always been and will be there given the amount of institutions within the Panth. The only thing we all agree on is Guru Granth Sahib and let’s keep Guruji at the center. This is not about whether one believes in dasam granth or not, whether one eats meat or not or whether he/she listens to a certain baba or not, it’s about developing governance framework for the Akal Takht. Let’s just keep our personal views about a certain topic aside. We can debate those in our local gatherings. For this project, just answer the following 3 questions to see if it requires your input:
    1) Do you identify yourself as a Sikh?
    2) Do you think The Akal Takht is currently being controlled & influenced by political states?
    3) If yes, do you think it should be free from any political interference?

    If you answered yes to all three, then please feel free to contribute your perspective with the above questions in mind. Let’s develop answers for questions like:
    Who should be responsible for appointing Jathedars? Since a Jathedar is merely implementing what Panj Piares decide then the questions becomes how should Panj Piares be chosen? Provide your input and something positive will definitely come out of it.
    There are so many other questions on the Google Doc which all of us can answer and critique.

    I also attended one of the town halls and some people confuse it with a Khalistan movement. Akal Takht should be free regardless of the state: whether it is India, Punjab or Khalistan. Free Akal Takht would co-exist with any local government as it represents global Sikhs not a local state.

    And I don’t think we should expect results overnight. Some people have asked how we will take it up with Indian and Punjab governments which are valid questions. I agree with one of the approaches suggested by Baljinder Singh that the case can be taken up in the Supreme court but the issue is are we ready for it? There is currently no governance framework in place. Even if Supreme court of India was to free it from their influence, then new “masands” will become in-charge of it. This project is what deals with the development of the framework. This will not happen overnight fellow Sikhs. Let’s get all the intellectuals, women, professionals involved and develop something that everyone agrees to. For example, those with strong knowledge of Sikhism can help develop a code of conduct, lawyers can put that in the legal form, finance professionals can set-up audit procedures to increase accountability and transparency and that is just the beginning of it. Only then we will be able to move ahead.

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa!
    Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!